Building a company for the first time is HARD.


Think of Foolish coaching like your map, you are ready to change the world and I am here to Steer you in the right direction. I have failed and succeeded in the industry and truly want to save you the most time and energy when going on your journey to make it as smooth as a ride as possible.

What I offer…

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I will work with you to design a brand identity for your company. Discovering your logo, name and overall brand position in the market.


Road Map

Map out the steps and long term vision of the company. Includes how your business will look, feel and make money.



I will know your product inside and out and I will connect you to the best dev shop to get it built and manage the project to make sure its what we want.


Partner in Crime

I will push you to be the best you can, not skipping or cutting corners on the little things. Making sure we pay attention to data that matters to lead the company to success. Making sure you stay motivated when you are low and humbled when you kill it.